Hall of Fame Awards

SIGUCCS Hall of Fame Award

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SIGUCCS activities are supported entirely by the volunteer efforts of our members. Over the years many of these individuals have contributed generously of their time, talents and energies to make SIGUCCS the vital and successful organization that it is.

The ACM SIGUCCS Hall of Fame was established to recognize individuals whose specific contributions have had a positive impact on the organization and therefore on the professional careers of the members and their institutions. The names and short biographies of past recipients are listed on this online Hall of Fame. Recipients also receive a physical token of the award.



Nominations may be made at any time using the online form, but must be received by November 1 if the nominee is to be honored at that year’s annual SIGUCCS conference. To prepare to complete the online form, please see this PDF list of requirements.

This award is intended to recognize specific instances of service and/or contributions, not a long history of them. (See the Penny Crane Award for such recognition.) Examples of contributions that may be considered appropriate include serving as a Board Member or an officer, playing a major role in a conference, contributing articles to the SIGUCCS Newsletter, or representing SIGUCCS on an ACM or external organization’s committee. What is considered important is not the breadth or length of the contribution, but the effectiveness or positive impact of it.