SIGUCCS 2019 Conference Committee Introductions – Bob Haring-Smith

This article is part of a series introducing the SIGUCS 2019 Conference Core Committee. Each Committee member submitted answers to questions created by the SIGUCCS Marketing Committee.

Bob at the Great WallHow many SIGUCCS conferences have you attended?

Which previous SIGUCCS conference was your favorite, and why?
The 2005 fall conference in Monterey. It was the first conference for which I served on the core committee, so I got to enjoy the whole process of planning the conference and then seeing it benefit the attendees.

How did you get involved as a volunteer in SIGUCCS?
I signed up to be a session chair at the first conference I attended. The next year, the conference was taking place in the city to which I had just moved (Portland, OR), so I volunteered to help out and was put in charge of the email room. Of course, now people carry the email room in their pockets.

What’s an accomplishment that you are especially proud of?
Helping to raise a smart, well-adjusted, caring son, who is now working on doing the same for his own sons.

You could always stop and talk to me about…
Travel. I was born in Taiwan, finished high school in London, backpacked around the world after college, and worked for three years in Egypt in the late 90s.

What do you do for fun?
Competitive swimming, travel, NYT crossword puzzles.

SIGUCCS 2019 New Orleans … what is your favorite French food?
Crepes and galettes.

The SIGUCCS 2019 Site Visit

Many of us have just enjoyed the 2018 ACM SIGUCCS conference in Orlando, but now we want to let the good talks roll into New Orleans for next year’s conference, taking place November 3-6, 2019. You can help by thinking about presentations you could make and informing your colleagues (including those at nearby institutions who may not be familiar with SIGUCCS) of all that SIGUCCS and its conference have to offer. The call for participation will go out in January, but people can sign up now to the SIGUCCS mailing list and connect to SIGUCCS via social media. Visit for details.

2019 conference teamWe ramped up planning for the 2019 conference in August, when the conference’s core committee gathered on site to brainstorm about the conference and experience New Orleans as those attending next year’s meeting will. The conference hotel will be a great venue for the diverse programming and interpersonal networking that are SIGUCCS hallmarks, as well as putting us in walking distance of Bourbon Street and other New Orleans sights. Plan now to participate in the 2019 ACM SIGUCCS conference and encourage others you know in higher education IT support to do the same.

#SIGUCCS18 – How to Make It Work

You’ve seen the hashtag, but wonder “how can I contribute?”

This post by Lisa Nielsen (The Innovative Educator) provides tips on using social media to its fullest during conferences and events –

People with social media conceptLet’s make #SIGUCCS18 a hashtag that people who cannot attend the conference want to follow. Let’s make this a conference that people wish they were attending. Let’s make people say “I want to attend that conference next year!”. Contribute to #SIGUCCS18 during the conference by providing quality posts about our content to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Before & After – What will you gain from SIGUCCS 2018?

2018 conference logoWith the ACM SIGUCCS 2018 Conference (October 7-10, Orlando, FL) approaching in few weeks’ time, it’s time for attendees to start strategizing about what they can gain from the conference.

Here are several tips for conference preparation, from a learning standpoint.

Before the conference:
  • What are your learning objectives? Can you find sessions which hit the sweet spot between your institution’s business needs and your professional learning goals?
  • Have you identified any subject matter experts whose brain you want to pick, or exhibitors who may offer potential solutions for your institution’s needs? It may be a good idea to reach out to them before the conference (be sure to bring business cards to the conference).
  • Have you created an itinerary of the sessions that you want to attend? Be sure to use SCHED for up-to-date session information.
After the conference:
  • Have you joined the SIGUCCS Community Facebook page yet? Stay in touch with SIGUCCS all year long at
  • Are you on the SIGUCCS-L listserv? This email list offers an opportunity to ask questions throughout the year, as well as keep informed about upcoming events.  See our Email Lists page for more information on how to subscribe.
  • If you want to learn from the experts in the SIGUCCS community (or want to share your expertise), consider becoming involved with the SIGUCCS Mentoring Program (learn more about the program during the conference, or on the SIGUCCS website).
  • Were there conference sessions which you wanted to attend but missed out on? Fear not—many of the popular conference sessions may be reprised as SIGUCCS webinars, which are hosted throughout the year. Additionally, be sure to check out the digital library ( to see if the sessions you missed have associated papers.
  • Were you excited about the vibe and the mission of SIGUCCS? Please help spread the word by letting your colleagues at your school and other institutions about our annual conferences. We’d love to see you again next year!

~Mo Nishiyama

A SIGUCCS Celebration!

SIGUCCS 2018 Conference General Session & Awards

Tuesday, October 9th  10:30am – Fiesta 5

On the second full day of conference activities in Orlando, attendees will gather to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of SIGUCCS volunteers and award winners.

2017 Hall of Fame winnersJoin the SIGUCCS Board as we recognize our Award Winners: the 2018 Penny Crane Award winner, new Hall of Fame inductees, and SIGUCCS Communication Award recipients. We will also discuss accomplishments and plans for the upcoming year, including the location of SIGUCCS 2019!

To add the General Session to your conference schedule via Sched, visit

Bob Haring-Smith Tim FoleyAt first glance, this might seem like an opportunity to skip outside for some Florida sun … but we hope to see all attendees in Fiesta 5!




SIGUCCS 2018 Volunteer Introductions – Karl Owens

What is your volunteer position for 2018 and how would you explain it to someone new to SIGUCCS?

I am publicity chair for the 2018 Conference. The publicity chairs primary responsibility is to track when publicity is to occur and then confirm that publicity and announcements took place when they were planned.

When I volunteered, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to attend the annual conference. There are lots of positions to server year around either in support of the organization or in preparation of the annual conference.

How many SIGUCCS conferences have you attended?


How did you get involved as a volunteer in SIGUCCS?

About the time I joined SIGUCCS I also became very interested in photography. Volunteering to take photos was a great opportunity to practice taking pictures. It also turned out to be a great way to meet people at conference.

What’s an accomplishment that you are especially proud of?

Family is number one, but I am particularly proud of the work I did establishing the large-format printing facility for the College of Design at the University of Oregon. It provided a reliable service to the students and faculty that it served and generated a substantial revenue stream that let that IT organization do many projects that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.

Something that you could always stop and talk to me about

I’m definitely a fan of nerd pop culture. Not a walking encyclopedia, but love talking about it and participating.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy most things Sci-Fi, board games, movies, books, etc…

SIGUCCS 2018 Orlando … who is your favorite Disney character?

Classic Disney (Mickey Mouse), Pixar (Baymax), Marvel (Hulk), Star Wars (Ewoks)

There is Life after College, part 2

… Miss Part 1 ? Read the first article.

Jeffrey Selingo offers college students great advice for making the most of their college years in his most recent book, There is Life after College. But how do we as IT professionals in the colleges and universities that these students attend fit in?

2018 conference logoIn his chapter, entitled “Learning to Launch”, he provides four tips to students:

  1. Find a Rhythm to your Day
  2. See Models for How to Fail
  3. Cultivate a Sense of Confidence
  4. Seek Out a Mentor

What opportunities can we, as IT professionals in the colleges that these students are attending, provide that support “learning to launch”? Do we provide students with enough opportunities to fail or to succeed? Are we providing mentorship opportunities to students?

Think about these before joining us at his keynote address at SIGUCCS 2018. For more information, visit the SIGUCCS 2018 Plenary & General Session web page.

SIGUCCS 2018 Volunteer Introductions – Winnie Ling Luper

What is your volunteer position for 2018 and how would you explain it to someone new to SIGUCCS?

I am the social chair. As social chair, I come up with different networking and social events so that participants can get to know one another and enjoy the conference beyond the sessions.

How many SIGUCCS conferences have you attended?

This will be my 3rd conference.

How did you get involved as a volunteer in SIGUCCS?

I filled out the web form. 😉 After my second conference, I felt a bigger sense of community with the participants. I wanted to help foster the same experience for other attendees, so I volunteered to be social chair. Plus, the Orlando location is perfect for my planning abilities since I visit annually and I have extensive knowledge about navigating the Disney resort.

What’s an accomplishment that you are especially proud of?

My husband and I are building a house. It has been a multi year project and we are finally nearing the end (it should be ready in July). In the process, we were able to subdivide our lot and sold it to my brother so he could build a house next to us. I grew up in a very tight knit extended family, so having our children grow up together is very to me.

Something that you could always stop and talk to me about


What do you do for fun?

I read, spend time with my family, and constantly plan the perfect house.

SIGUCCS 2018 Orlando … who is your favorite Disney character?

Mary Poppins! I would love to have a bottomless carpet bag filled with everything I needed, a sunny attitude, and the ability to use magic to clean!

SIGUCCS 2018 Volunteer Introductions – Kelly Wainwright

Kelly WainwrightWhat is your volunteer position for 2018?

Registration Chair

How many SIGUCCS conferences have you attended?

25! Between Fall Conferences, Management Symposium and combined conferences.

How did you get involved as a volunteer in SIGUCCS?

First by writing and presenting, but my first committee position was as the program chair for the 2001 Fall Conference in Portland, OR.

Something that you could always stop and talk to me about

Traveling! I have lived in Japan, led a student overseas program to Vietnam, went on a student program to Costa Rica & Guatemala and just, in general, love to travel. One of my happy places is eating guacamole on a beach in Mexico.

What do you do for fun?

Reading for pleasure, running, cuddling with my kitty Rufus!

SIGUCCS 2018 Orlando … who is your favorite Disney character?

Tough question. I would say it is a toss up between Winnie the Pooh and Happy.

There is Life after College, Part 1

Jeffrey SellingFollowing up on College (Un)bound, Jeffrey Selingo explores ways a young professional can jumpstart their career in There is Life after College. A job after graduation is no longer a given. Many college students struggle to succeed upon graduation. His research takes him to various parts of the country where he talks with recent and soon-to-be college graduates about what helped and hurt their employment prospects.

While his advice and recommendations take many forms, his chapter entitled “What the Economy Needs, What Employers Want” is especially insightful. In this chapter, he provides a list of five pieces of advice for young college professionals:

  1. Be Curious, Ask Questions, and Be a Learner for Life
  2. Build an Expertise, Take Risks, and Learn the Meaning of Grit
  3. Every Job is a Tech Job
  4. Learn to Deal with Ambiguity
  5. Be Humble and Learn from Your Peers and Mentors

This leads us to his keynote address at SIGUCCS – how can we in higher education information technology help the students at our universities and colleges gain valuable experiences that will help and support their future employment prospects? How can we provide our students with the opportunities to learn the lessons listed above and gain valuable insights into what future employers want?

Join us at the Opening Plenary for SIGUCCS 2018 on Monday, October 8 at 9:00am. For more information, visit the SIGUCCS 2018 Plenary & General Session web page.