SIGUCCS Board Update – July 2022

As many of you are aware, SIGUCCS is hosting the 2023 conference in Chicago as an in-person event from March 26-29, 2023. In order to facilitate the shortened planning timeline, the Executive Committee took on the roles of the core committee. I am proud to announce the following roles:

  • Conference Chair: Laurie Fox
  • Program Co-Chairs: Miranda Carney-Morris and Shawn Plummer
  • Treasurer: Parrish Nnambi
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January 2022 – Updates from the Chair

Happy New Year to all! The tenure of this executive committee is about halfway over and yet it feels like we have just begun. All of our energies have been focused on finding ways to keep the community engaged during a pandemic. And it has not been easy.

SIGUCCS 2022 Conference logo

It was with great sadness that we decided to move the 2022 conference in San Diego to a virtual event. With the pandemic continuing, and travel budgets at institutions in a state of flux, we decided that while some might be able to attend in person, that it would be better for the overall health of the community to be inclusive and do another virtual event. Additionally, we wanted to be respectful of the conference planning committee and make sure that they had enough time to plan a well-run virtual conference. We are taking what we learned from the 2021 conference and doing that work now! Watch for announcements in the coming weeks on schedule, sessions, and other activities.

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August 2021 – Updates from the Chair

Update from the Board – August 2021

ACM Senior Member Award

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Laurie Fox, past chair of SIGUCCS, was honored as an ACM Senior Member this past month. This award recognizes Laurie’s dedication to both SIGUCCS and ACM over the years. For those not aware, in addition to serving on the SIGUCCS executive committee, Laurie has been on the SIG Governing Board of ACM and holds the position of New SIG Advisor.

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Laurie Fox Recognized as ACM Senior Member

Laurie Fox was recently recognized by ACM as an ACM Senior Member. The Senior Members Grade recognizes those ACM members with at least 10 years of professional experience and at least 5 years of Professional Membership in the last 10 years, who have demonstrated performance through technical leadership, and technical or professional contributions.

Laurie is a frequent presenter at SIGUCCS Conferences, Past Chair of the SIGUCCS Executive Committee (EC), and New SIG Advisor on the ACM SIG Governing Board. She is currently serving as Past Chair on the EC, Chair of the Marketing Committee, and liaison to the Awards Committee.

Kathy Fletcher and Tom Gerace are also ACM Senior Members. We are proud of their contributions!

Stay Up-to-Date on SIGUCCS News

The SIGUCCS Marketing and Conference Planning Committees work closely together to plan communications to our community through email and social media channels. The marketing committee also helps other volunteers with publicity and communication.

We have planned theme days:

  • Wednesday: Conference Updates (all channels)
  • Wednesday: Weekly Challenge Question (Slack)
  • Thursday: Throw Back Thursday pictures (Facebook Community group)
  • Monthly on Fridays: Board Updates (Newsletter) and Monthly Recaps (email)

Here are all of the SIGUCCS Communication channels:

If there is content you’d like to see from SIGUCCS, or you have something you would like to contribute, I’d be happy to talk. Contact me at

SIGUCCS 2021 Conference Takeaway – Accessing Resources

The conference session on March 14 featured two presentations:

  • Check This Out: Loaning Laptops and Other Technology with Ashley Koebel from University of Michigan
  • Revamping a Neglected Technology Space for Success: A Team-Based Approach to Developing Training, Documentation, and Communication for a Virtual Reality Space with Doralyn Rossmann from Montana State University
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SIGUCCS 2021 Conference Takeaway – Higher Education IT Staff are/are not ok

In October 2020, the Chronicle of Higher Education published an article called “The Staff are not OK” (see article) highlighting the health and well-being of the staff members whose work has helped move campuses through the pandemic. This session took a step beyond that and focused on issues that plagued staff pre-pandemic. Over 100 people logged in for this dual panel presentation about two different issues facing staff in higher education IT.

Unity and diversity partnership as heart hands in a group of diverse people connected together shaped as a support symbol expressing the feeling of teamwork and togetherness.
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